Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Facebook Home

Facebook is gearing up for the launch of Facebook Home Friday, April 12th, with a slew of buzz already on the internet and a series of Television ads already running/set to run, it will be pretty hard to escape Facebook's newly imagined way to use your cell phone.

You can read up a bit about it here (or many other places on the web):

What are your thoughts about Home? Do you plan on giving it a go on your own phone?


  1. I do not see myself utilizing Facebook home. Social media is engulfing our lives more and more every day. I like to be able to choose when I want to see updates and advertiser content. I currently do not even enable facebook messanger or notifications. It's just too much.
    The positive about this is it's good for Facebook's business. After a disastrous IPO Facebook seems to be leading a charge to stay relevant and ahead of the curve. They have even closed the gap with Google when it comes to mobile ads. USA Today reported yesterday that Facebook brought in $234 million in revenue for mobile ad display. Google led the way with $243 million. Facebook is expected to bring in a whopping $1.53 billion in revenue this year alone and possibly $2.7 billion in 2014.

    With all of that said I stick to what I said, no I will not ad Facebook home to my mobile devices as I enjoy the little sense of control I feel I have.

    Here is a link to the USA Today article

  2. I agree with Angelina, as far as wanting to be able to pick and chose and not have to be constantly connected. I do, however, believe that we are apart of a generation that enjoys and often times needs to be connected so I know there will be a place for Facebook home with many people. I personally do spend a lot of time connected via my iPad and computer, but when I leave my house or my dorm or wherever, and I only have my phone with me, I do not want to be sucked back in. For this reason I do not even have a smartphone. I believe there is a time and place to use these networks and apps and the connection the internet can bring you, but there is also a time to enjoy things like family and friends and the world around us, without having to be connected to other people through technology constantly. Life is too short to devote hours and hours a day to "online connections," especially since some of them are mere acquaintances, rather than true friends.

    Like I said, I know that for some people this is what they have been searching for, but it is not for me.

  3. I find this to be kind of neat. I'm not a big Facebook user maybe this would get me to be more active on FB; but i'm sure the Facebook team is trying to attract the people who already have accounts with Facebook be more active being that people are a lot more active on other social networks like Twitter and Pinterest. I like it so, lets see where it goes.

  4. I think I will definitely utilize facebook home. I think that it will help the office I work for respond more quickly and efficiently to our patients and I can keep track of our statistics more easily, as well as, update it more quickly.

  5. I think it will be interesting to see how the app does and the advantages before I go right out get it. I too like the set I have now although when they changed to the timeline I was not happy at all and didn't do it until Facebook forced me into it.

  6. Facebook home in my opinion is not very useful. I am an iPhone user first of all, so it will not be available to me. Secondly, I have Facebook notifications that are sent to my phone when ever anything happens on my Facebook. I think that Android is creating this to try to help "1 up" Apple, as a Marketing tool. Having the Facebook app on my iPhone and the push notifications is more than sufficient for me, and I monitor social media for a business, So I cant imagine how anyone else could possibly "need" this application. While I see where android is trying to go with it, I feel it is unnecessary.

  7. It is weird, I like having everything easily connected and easy to use, yet somehow I feel infringed upon by Facebook home. I still want my Facebook partially separate. Economically and corporately I understand the move to Facebook home, but as others have said, it is not for me. That said, I think the news-feed needs a overhaul and it is now getting one. Conclusion, of the two part Facebook update/addition, I am a supporter of a refined news-feed, I could live without the Home.

    Forbes did a nice article about Facebook Home and the redesigned news-feed

  8. I also agree with Angelina. I do not see myself wanting to purchase or use Facebook Home. I also do not use Facebook that often, and although I am able to receive notifications on my phone, I have them shut off. I agree that social media is consuming peoples' lives more and more every day, and the YouTube video Facebook created seems to agree. I do not constantly have to be in touch with my friends and let them know what I am doing, nor do I care to know what they are doing every minute of the day. I prefer to just pick up the phone and call them. Texting even becomes tedious to me, so I prefer to just talk over the phone. However, I’m sure many people would use Facebook Home and I think it is a decent competitor of the iPhone. I guess we won’t know until the reviews come in. One statistic I liked from Angelina's post was the one comparing Facebook to Google's pay-per-click advertising:

    "USA Today reported yesterday that Facebook brought in $234 million in revenue for mobile ad display. Google led the way with $243 million. Facebook is expected to bring in a whopping $1.53 billion in revenue this year alone and possibly $2.7 billion in 2014."

    I just did a project for my strategic management class involving Google. Now that Facebook has adopted the same advertising model, they are surely catching up to Google's success. Maybe Facebook Home will help them surpass Google's domination in this market.

  9. I agree with Johnathan, I think that it is seems to be really neat. I use facebook a lot and I think that facebook home would help to interact with people that like my group pages and business pages and allow me to respond to them quickly.

  10. Although I agree that the Facebook Home looks interesting in the advertisement, I don't find it very useful. I have multiple applications I use and I do not want my phone automatically tieing everything I do to Facebook. Although it looks appealing, most people have many "friends" on Facebook that they would never talk to in person nor really seem to want to stay that close in contact with. Facebook already has the ability to list your close friends and stay up to date with them, their pictures and events. Forbes Tech Review has interesting article on why Facebook Home that gives some insight as to why this may not be revolutionary takeover by Facebook-

  11. I think the Facebook Home seems irrelevant. So many of us are already so connected (myself included) so the last thing I want is another reason to be glued to my phone. I am an iPhone user and all my notifications come directly to me. I think in the past couple years, Facebook has become less popular. So many of the people I know are deleting their pages or becoming less active. I think Facebook is trying to make an effort to not become defunct. Facebook is still the go-to platform for social media users but I don't think the Home concept will be vocal in their long-term business plan.

  12. Apple has been putting out good advertisements for this and while it looks appealing, I think I will pass. Facebook has already managed to leak into my life too much with my purchase of the iphone and facebook app. I use my mobile device for too many other things to just have facebook be the dominating source of information on my phone. It seems like Apple is trying to come up with their own virtual version of the tablet. Instead of buying one, you can just download the software and have it run like one on your iPhone. I think this will just annoy people, more than attract. However, there are always those die hards who I am sure will adopt this.

  13. I think that Facebook Home is something new for the "Facebook brand." It gives them an updated look, and gets people excited about new features. I think that it may be a little distracting to be getting messages and being able to see notifications without actually being in the app, but I'm sure there's a way you can manage that. I like how your messages pop up as bubbles and you can drag them down to delete them. Also, I feel like this commercial does a really good job marketing the new look of Facebook. It connects with the viewers really well, I was very interested. I use Facebook more on my phone than on my computer because it is waayy more convenient and takes less time than booting up my computer and waiting to log in. I like the Facebook Home and would definitely use it.

    Relating this to the guest speaker from this week, I would say is very easy. Roger Hart talked about how he was three-thousand miles away and found out about a race car drivers death over Twitter, before there was even a formal announcement made. This just goes to show how fast word on social media can spread and the impact that it can have on others. He felt like he was directly in touch with these people and that is what Facebook Home is trying to market to consumers. Everywhere you go, whenever you want, you will be able to connect with friends and feel like you never missed anything.

    I found an article in this weeks news about some of the impact that social media has. Even though I am one of the people that this article talks about as using their phone too much, I do feel like we should take time away from our phones and social media every once and a while. I found this article really interesting. Especially when it talks about over-sharing and the quote, "The memories will be there for eternity, even after MY memory goes."

  14. I agree 100% with Cailee that, "Life is too short to devote hours and 'online connections,' especially since some of them are mere acquaintances..."

    I don't have the desire to be connected to the internet constantly - or more than I already am. If something major is going on in my life or with my family, I KNOW I'm going to hear about it before anything is posted to Facebook or the internet. For me, Facebook is a way of keeping up-to-date on my friend's lives. However, I don't need to know EVERYTHING that's going on in them or have it "blowing up" my phone constantly.

    Also, Kellen is right. Any iPhone user will NEVER have the ability to use Facebook Home. (I am an iPhone owner.)

    In an article posted on Computer World, Patrick Moorehead, principal analyst with Moor Insight & strategy, said, "The magic of [the iPhone] comes from the holistic experience Apple provides. With Home, they'd lose that holistic experience." There's no way Apple would surrender their home screen to Facebook. Apple prides itself on keeping it's customers close, "and in not allowing even the thinnest wedge to come between it...," like Facebook Home.

    Relating to the guest speaker, Veronica was right that Facebook Home is a way of keeping connected to the world, 24/7. For some, like Roger Hart, it's a good thing to have. One will be directly connected with the world - and to be honest, we all know that's where society is headed. However, I think because this is one of the first applications/user interfaces introduced to the world, it isn't going to catch on like Facebook would have hoped. Many, like me, will be hesitant to be CONSTANTLY connected - it will seem overbearing at times and even get obnoxious.

    Just my thoughts.
    Link to the article posted on Computer World:

  15. Facebook in general is developing into a information gathering company, and less of a place to connect with friends. Maybe I am paranoid, but there are already enough notifications sent to phones and this just seems like an app that is gathering way to much information. Facebook is already the world leader in terms of the number of photos that they have access to. About a year ago, Facebook purchased the worlds largest facial recognition software company. This scares me in that a company that is supposed to be used as a way for friends to connect would have the worlds largest database of photos and feels the need to purchase a company for the purpose of further developing facial recognition software. I have an Iphone so I probably won't have access to the app, but wouldn't use it anyway even if I did.

  16. When I first saw this, I wasn't sure what to think about it. I like facebook as an app, but I wouldn't constantly want it up on my phone as soon as I turn it on. I use other apps such at twitter, instagram and just texting in general far more frequently. Although, with that being said, the new messaging while using many different apps did get my attention. Usually I might just think this was useless because you could just as simply text someone as you could message someone. But I am planning on studying abroad next semester, so this grabbed my attention a bit more. While studying abroad I will most likely not have a texting plan and even if I do, all my friends I want to get in contact won't. So if I can have a way to talk to anybody I want to while not using data abroad, that would be a great benefit. This messaging system could keep you connected to matter what part of the world you were in, without having to worry about minutes, data, or cell phone plans. I didn't see this initially, but now thinking about it, this facebook home thing could be beneficial on a global perspective.

    Hannah Zimmermann

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