Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Harlem Shake

To add a little "fun" to our monthly Sales Meeting, I came up with the idea of having our marketing department put together a "Harlem Shake" video. If you don't know what this phenomenon is, then you're not alone because neither do I, hah. In essence, it's a song by Bauuman in the new genre of "Trap Music". I'm not sure how it started, but there are now over 90,000 unique versions of "The Harlem Shake" videos on Youtube. 

You can see ours below... and yes, I am the guy in the motorcycle helmet... and yes, we are in a Starbucks.

(Blogger has not indexed the video to embed currently so I am posting a link to Youtube until it is indexed and I can embed it)

So anyhow, if you were wondering, it was a huge hit and had everyone on the floor laughing at the meeting we premiered it at... considering no one was expecting it and most of the people watching could not see a lot of us in the marketing department doing that. Good times!


  1. I find this to be very funny. Lol! I don't think that i've seen one done in a Starbucks; who knows. A lot of people are doing them. Some find it an annoyance; i just take it as a big joke that has gone popular like Flash Mobs. Those are still hilarious and some have some meaning to'em. My favorite flash mob would be Janet Jackson "Rhythm Nation" Flash mob. Here's the link: and David Letterman's Spiderman Flash Mob. Here's the link:

  2. I am now sharing this with my roommates and you are being labeled coolest teacher ever heh